A better form builder programming

We’re blogging again

Our last post was nearly a year ago. The last post turned into this article that got published on stack overflow.

The past few months we’ve been busy adding features and talking to customers. However after reading this article by Amy Hoy on stacking the bricks, I’m thinking we need to do a lot more on the marketing and promotion side;

From 5 Things I Wish Somebody Told Me Before I Founded My SaaS


Let’s just say its been a lot less than 90%. We’re going to change that going forward.

If you’ve ever been frustrated with a form builder we think Keenforms can be your new favorite form builder. It does things no other form builder does. And if you don’t want to build it yourself, Keenforms can help you.

We’re hoping to post some cool and unique demos. If you have a request we’re really interested in hearing from you.

Thanks for tuning in. Here we go.