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My form builder does conditions, why would I switch to keenforms?

“My form builder already does conditional logic and calculations, there is no reason to use keenforms”

This was a comment made when we launched back in 2020. It is true that many other form builders can do some sort of conditional logic. However I can tell you exactly why Keenforms is special;

Keenforms does CONDITIONAL CALCULATIONS – lots of other form can do calculations, but with rare exception you can’t do conditional calculations.

For the 2 form builders we’re aware of that can do CONDITIONAL CALCULATIONS, Typeform and Jotform, both will not allow you to set a value more than once. So if you have a multi step operation to break down the math into more than one formula, you are out of luck with the other form builders.

Keenforms is designed to give you control over order of operations. That makes us unique compared to any other web based form builder. That’s because Keenforms is designed to be more like a Configure/Price/Quote application, as opposed to a plain old form builder.

Keenforms does conditional VALIDATION. Many form builders have the ability to make an input required conditionally. However you can’t set a minimum length conditionally. You can’t restrict certain answers or formats conditionally. That’s what makes Keenforms different.

Keenforms does dynamic HTML, a feature we’ve never seen any other form builder posses.

We also have a feature called metadata that allows you to add values to a select/drop down, checkbox, or radio button. You can then use those values for calculations and validations. It’s like making a list of selectable options into a spreadsheet. We used it for this form that sets the value of a custom butcher block countertop with different columns for different wood species selected.

Metadata plus conditional calculations and validations makes keenforms more powerful than your average form builder.

Here’s a car loan calculator that generates dynamic HTML to display the monthly payment for loans from 24-84 months long;

Keenforms car loan calculator

If you’re frustrated or disappointed with your current form builder we think we can be your new favorite app. Let us know how we can help. Send us a line at