A better form builder

Why Keenforms can succeed when other form builders fail

So you use a form builder. For marketing, for surveys, maybe to build a form for a WordPress site, whatever.

And the form builder you’re using is good… or good enough… or maybe not?

For those of us that use form builders, it can be frustrating. That’s because sometimes your form builder isn’t quite good enough to do what you need it to do.

It says it does conditional logic, but it cant do the kinds of conditions you need. It says it does calculations, but it can’t do multi step operations, or conditional calculations, and there’s no way to control the order of operations.

Even something as simple as lead scoring, so you can figure out the value of each submission, is impossible. It shouldn’t be this painful.

That’s why we built Keenforms – it’s a different kind of form builder, because it has a NO CODE RULES ENGINE.

A RULES ENGINE is a kind of software that lets users create logic or rules, that would normally be written in the code of a program, and lets you save that logic to a database. That means you can create forms that have the dynamic interactions of a custom coded form, but without the hassle of writing code from scratch.

Typically a RULES ENGINE is hard to use, and is only available for large companies with experienced technology professionals. That’s why Keenforms built our RULES ENGINE with a NO CODE interface, so that it’s easy for anyone to use.

Keenforms is built to do the things your form builder can’t do, because it’s been built for professionals who need more from their form builder. If you’ve ever been frustrated by your current form builder, we think you should try out Keenforms. And you can do it for free.

Keenforms – it’s forms made smarter.